TOEIC Reading Tips: Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Part 5 of the TOEIC test marks the beginning of the reading comprehension test. Incomplete sentences are an important part of the TOEIC reading section.

Part 5 of TOEIC reading test will ask you to read a sentence that will include a blank space (incomplete sentence).

You will be given four options of words or phrases to be inserted in the blank space. Your task is to choose the one you think will complete the sentence. The sentence must be grammatically correct and fit into the sentence to receive a point.

The incomplete sentence question types tests your vocabulary and ability to use phrases and words correctly.

A key factor when choosing an answer is to pay attention to the grammar of the sentence. Identify the subject, verb and object of the sentences; think of the grammar rules such as singular, plural, adjectives and adverbs.

Be aware that the words around the missing word can be useful clues for the answer.

Remember that all the words around the blank space are correct, so you will only need to worry about the missing word or phrase.

These are few of the things to consider when facing incomplete sentences on the TOEIC. Click here to learn more TOEIC reading strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions About the TOEIC Test

TOEIC test-takers usually have a lot of questions about the TOEIC! Luckily, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the TOEIC test on this post.

What does the TOEIC test measure?
The TOEIC Listening and Reading test measures the ability to listen and read in English while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test measurers your ability to speak and write in English at the workplace.

How do you take the TOEIC test?
The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice test. The Speaking and Writing test is taken and processed through the computer.

How long does the TOEIC test take?
The TOEIC listening & reading test takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The TOEIC speaking test takes about 20 minutes and TOEIC writing test takes around 1 hour.

What kind of Topics will be on the TOEIC?
The TOEIC test generally includes topics like finance, health care, human resources, travel and other general business topics.

How does TOEIC score work?
Your score will be determined depending on the number of right answers on the TOEIC reading and listening test, and the quality of your answers on the writing & speaking test.

Can you fail the TOEIC?
The TOEIC test is not a pass-or-fail test. Test results indicate proficiency levels in the English language.

Is the TOEIC hard or easy?
That is a good question, and not something we can answer with a simple yes or no! It simply depends on your level of English and the score you are trying to achieve.

Does the TOEIC certificate expire?
Yes! Your test scores will be valid for 2 years from your test date, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding when to take the test.

TOEIC Score Range

Today we are going to take a look at how the TOEIC test is scored. After completing the TOEIC test, you will receive a score that will serve as an estimate on your English skills. The time it takes for you to receive your score back depends on which format the exam was taken (paper-based or computer).

The TOEFL speaking and writing test takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for the grading process and sent back to you. Your TOEIC score and certificate is valid for 2 years. If you are not happy with your TOEIC score you are allowed to retake the test.

Your official TOEIC score certificate will include your score of the different sections, overall score and percentile rank. The score also includes information of your strengths and weaknesses based on your score.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Score

You will receive a score for the listening and reading section. Each question is worth one point. The maximum score on the TOEIC is 990, 495 for each section. The total score ranges from 10 – 990.

• Score of 800 or more is considered advanced English proficiency
• 600 to 700: considered high intermediate
• 400 to 600: considered intermediate
• A Score less than 400: considered the proficiency of a beginner

TOEIC Score Range

The score report will include one of five possible colors based on your score.

Orange (10-215)
Brown (220-465)
Green (470-725)
Blue (730-855)
Gold (860-990)

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Score

The TOEIC speaking and writing section have a scaled score of 0 to 200. Different questions are worth different amounts of points.

In the speaking section questions 1–9 are rated on a scale of 0–3 while questions 10–11 are rated on a scale of 0–5. In the writing section, questions 1–5 are rated on a scale of 0–3, questions 6–7 are rated on a scale of 0–4, and question 8 is rated on a scale of 0–5.

While the rating is automatized through computers for the reading and listening test, a human rates the speaking and writing test.

TOEIC Score Range

TOEIC Speaking Score 0-200
TOEIC Writing Score 0-200

Just like the TOEIC listening and reading test, you will receive a proficiency level. The TOEIC speaking test has 8 levels, and the writing test has 9 levels.

Quick TOEIC Reading Test Overview

Today we are going to take a quick look into the TOEIC reading test. The TOEIC reading test takes about 75 minutes and includes 100 questions divided into three separate parts. Here are the three separate sections of the TOEIC reading test.

Incomplete Sentences

In this section, you will need to complete sentences that are missing a word or a group of words. You will be given four possible answers. Your task is to insert the correct one. The incomplete sentences have 40 questions.

Error Recognition & Text Completion

In this section, you will be asked to complete a text; the text could be a letter, advertisement or a memo. There will be four missing words in the passage and your task is to insert the correct words into the text. You can expect 12 questions in this section.

Reading Comprehension

In this section, you will be asked Questions about Texts, such as articles, letters or advertisements. The texts can be long or short. For each Text, you will be asked two to five questions. Each Question has four possible answers; you can expect 48 questions in this section.

What is the TOEIC Bridge Test?

The TOEIC Bridge test is a simplified version of the TOEIC test. The test is for beginners and intermediate English speakers. The level of the exam is easier than the regular TOEIC test. It is often used to prepare test-takers for the next level of English language.

The test includes 100 multiple-choice questions and takes one hour to complete. The test is scheduled at different dates at various locations throughout the world. You can find the test-dates on the official TOEIC bridge website.

The questions on the TOEIC Bridge test focuses on everyday English rather than English in a working environment. Common topics on the test include entertainment, news, health, housing, travel, school shopping and general ideas. The test is a paper-pencil based test. Your total time spent taking the test will be around 90 minutes with instructions.

TOEIC Bridge Test Format

There are two sections on the TOEIC Bridge test, the listening and reading section.

TOEIC Bridge Listening Section

During the listening section you will be listening to statements, questions and short conversations in English. You will be given questions based on the recordings. The listening section includes three parts, photographs, questions-response and short conversations / short talks. You will be asked to answer 50 questions within a timeframe of 25 minutes to complete the part.

TOEIC Bridge Reading Section
The reading section of the TOEIC bridge test will ask you to read incomplete sentence as well as longer texts. You will be given a total of 50 questions, which you will have to complete within 35 minutes.

Learn more about the TOEIC Bridge test by visiting ETS official website. To practice for the TOEIC Bridge test join ePrepz TOEIC.