Increase your IELTS Band Score the Second Time Around

Many test-takers take the IELTS exam twice. This could be due to not getting a band score they are satisfied with the first time or maybe they need a higher score to get accepted to their program. In this post, I’ll give you three tips that can help you improve your IELTS band score when […]

TOEFL Registration Information

Today we are going to go over and provide some information on the registration process for the TOEFL test. These are some of the registration info you should now. First of all you should by when you need to take the TOEFL exam and send in your TOEFL score. By knowing your deadline date you […]

TOEIC Reading Tips: Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Part 5 of the TOEIC test marks the beginning of the reading comprehension test. Incomplete sentences are an important part of the TOEIC reading section. Part 5 of TOEIC reading test will ask you to read a sentence that will include a blank space (incomplete sentence). You will be given four options of words or […]

Improve your IELTS Reading Skills

The IELTS reading section includes three different sections with various tasks. Types of questions you will see when taking the IELTS Reading are multiple choice, short-answer questions, identifying writer’s opinions, labeling diagrams, finding information, completing a summary using words taken from the text and matching information/headings/features in the sentence endings. In each task, you will […]

What is the difference between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT?

Many students often ask us what the difference is between the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT test. Today we are going to go over the differences between these two versions of the TOEFL. iBT stands for Internet based test and PBT stands for paper-based test. You will take the TOEFL iBT on a computer, […]

Frequently Asked Questions About the TOEIC Test

TOEIC test-takers usually have a lot of questions about the TOEIC! Luckily, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about the TOEIC test on this post. What does the TOEIC test measure? The TOEIC Listening and Reading test measures the ability to listen and read in English while the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test […]

ePrepz Test Preparation Update Coming Soon

We are always striving to improve and update our learning materials here at ePrepz. After asking for some feedback from our students we are in the process of updating the study material with more exercises and adding video lectures. The survey showed that the video lecture specifically was something that was highly requested by our […]

Improve your Grammar for the IELTS Exam

Although there is no grammar section on the IELTS exam, having good grammar will be a key component in getting a good IELTS score. The importance on communicating with good grammar is especially important on the IELTS writing and speaking test. Many students ask, what is the best method to improve your grammar for the […]