TOEIC Reading Tips: Part 5 Incomplete Sentences

Part 5 of the TOEIC test marks the beginning of the reading comprehension test. Incomplete sentences are an important part of the TOEIC reading section.

Part 5 of TOEIC reading test will ask you to read a sentence that will include a blank space (incomplete sentence).

You will be given four options of words or phrases to be inserted in the blank space. Your task is to choose the one you think will complete the sentence. The sentence must be grammatically correct and fit into the sentence to receive a point.

The incomplete sentence question types tests your vocabulary and ability to use phrases and words correctly.

A key factor when choosing an answer is to pay attention to the grammar of the sentence. Identify the subject, verb and object of the sentences; think of the grammar rules such as singular, plural, adjectives and adverbs.

Be aware that the words around the missing word can be useful clues for the answer.

Remember that all the words around the blank space are correct, so you will only need to worry about the missing word or phrase.

These are few of the things to consider when facing incomplete sentences on the TOEIC. Click here to learn more TOEIC reading strategies.