Improve your IELTS Reading Skills

The IELTS reading section includes three different sections with various tasks. Types of questions you will see when taking the IELTS Reading are multiple choice, short-answer questions, identifying writer’s opinions, labeling diagrams, finding information, completing a summary using words taken from the text and matching information/headings/features in the sentence endings.

In each task, you will be asked to read a passage that covers a particular subject. Then, you will answer a series of questions where you must answer correctly to receive a point. You will also see tasks that involve organizing or charting the ideas you have read.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your IELTS Reading skills.

When reading make sure you understand the inferences in the text. Look at the big picture; ask yourself what is the author’s intent in his writing, what’s the feeling behind the text and what is the main thesis of the writing. The topics vary, keep in mind that as long as the text you read is in English it will help you improve your reading comprehension

Improve your vocabulary
Learning new words and understanding synonyms are important when taking the IELTS reading section. Reading alone will certainly help you improve your reading skills, but also focus on learning new words by stopping and taking notes on words you don't know.

Know the IELTS question types
Knowing the IELTS reading question types will help you feel more comfortable when taking the exam. Learn what types of reading passages will be presented on the test. Preparation is the key!

Write your own IELTS reading questions
Read an article and make up your own questions based on the article. This will help you remember what types of questions you will see on the IELTS and also how to look for the best answers in a text.

Know what type of reader you are
Are you a slow reader or the skimming type of reader? Knowing what kind of reader you are will help you with your time management on the IELTS. Remember that the IELTS reading section is 60 minutes long. Learn how to scan a text for specific key information (dates, numbers, names, relationships etc).

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These are few of the things you can do to improve your IELTS reading skills.