What is the TOEIC Bridge Test?

The TOEIC Bridge test is a simplified version of the TOEIC test. The test is for beginners and intermediate English speakers. The level of the exam is easier than the regular TOEIC test. It is often used to prepare test-takers for the next level of English language.

The test includes 100 multiple-choice questions and takes one hour to complete. The test is scheduled at different dates at various locations throughout the world. You can find the test-dates on the official TOEIC bridge website.

The questions on the TOEIC Bridge test focuses on everyday English rather than English in a working environment. Common topics on the test include entertainment, news, health, housing, travel, school shopping and general ideas. The test is a paper-pencil based test. Your total time spent taking the test will be around 90 minutes with instructions.

TOEIC Bridge Test Format

There are two sections on the TOEIC Bridge test, the listening and reading section.

TOEIC Bridge Listening Section

During the listening section you will be listening to statements, questions and short conversations in English. You will be given questions based on the recordings. The listening section includes three parts, photographs, questions-response and short conversations / short talks. You will be asked to answer 50 questions within a timeframe of 25 minutes to complete the part.

TOEIC Bridge Reading Section
The reading section of the TOEIC bridge test will ask you to read incomplete sentence as well as longer texts. You will be given a total of 50 questions, which you will have to complete within 35 minutes.

Learn more about the TOEIC Bridge test by visiting ETS official website. To practice for the TOEIC Bridge test join ePrepz TOEIC.