Improve your IELTS Listening Skills

ePrepz has a few posts about different aspects of IELTS test. If you are facing a specific IELTS challenge, I highly recommend you browse our IELTS tips section. This post will focus on how to improve your IELTS listening skills. Learn how to interpret tones and sentence transition. The tone of the voice can determine […]

Improve your Pronunciation for the IELTS Speaking Test

Many students worry about their accent and pronunciation when taking the IELTS speaking section. The fact is that speaking perfectly doesn’t need to be the focus of your attention. If your responses are understandable it’s unlikely that a slight accent or mispronunciation will affect your score. Although you don’t need to speak like a native […]

IELTS Band Score: How the IELTS Exam is Scored

Lately we have been getting some questions about how the IELTS exam is scored. Today we are going take a look at the IELTS band scale and explain how your score is calculated on the IELTS exam. The IELTS exam is scored a little bit differently than other standardized English tests. The IELTS test is […]