5 Tips on How to Maintain Your Concentration during Your Exam

Taking a standardized exam can be mentally exhausting. Going into to a big exam with the feeling of being unprepared only adds to the stress. A crucial component on staying focused throughout your exam is to be prepared and know what to expect from the test.

By being familiar with your exam you can focus your attention on what to answer rather than thinking about distractions. Make sure that you start studying months in advanced rather than days prior.

Be aware of the timeframe of your exam, how long the different sections are and when you can expect a break. Make sure that you take a few practice tests before taking your actual exam with the same time constraints as the official exam. This will help your concentration ability and get your mind prepared when it comes time to take the real test.

Get plenty of rest and sleep the night before taking your exam. Prepare your mind like you would prepare your body before an athletic event. Have a good breakfast and make sure you are hydrated. Coffee is my beverage of choice before taking a long exam.

Also, make sure that you visit the restroom before your exam begins! Walking out to visit the restroom in the middle of your exam will only add stress to your situation and distract you from your performance.

When you walk into the exam room your main focus should be solely on answering the question at hand. Always focus on the question you are working on, don’t worry about what comes next or other distractions. If you are thrown off by a question and are unable to answer it simply move on to the next question.

The key component to being able to maintain your concentration during your exam is to be prepared. To view some practice questions and to learn more about the structure of your exam check out our test preparation packages at ePrepz.