TOEFL Independent Speaking Topics

We covered the TOEFL integrated speaking topics with an earlier post. Today we are going to look at the TOEFL independent speaking topics.

These are the topics you will often see during the TOEFL independent speaking section.

Personal topics and opinion

You can expect questions regarding your personal opinions on broad topics. This could be anything from a famous person to a place you may have visited. The best way to answer personal opinion questions is to describe the reasoning behind your opinion. Remember there is no right or wrong answers as long as you can provide examples or evidence that support your opinion.

Supporting an opinion

Much like the personal questions, these topics will be general in subject. But rather than just giving your opinion about a topic you will often be asked to compare and contrast between two different options. Remember there is no right or wrong answer as you long as you can provide examples or evidence that supports your opinion.

Practical Integrated

You will also see some integrated question types with conversations and short reading materials. The topic is usually related to general and everyday issues that students might have.

Academic Integrated

The two academic integrated questions are based on academic lectures. These topics will include both listening and reading material, usually from an introductory college class.

3 TOEFL Independent Speaking Tips

1. Mix up your answers; do not use the same phrases for each response.

2. Prepare and practice to give your answers within the time limit.

3. Get your statement out there; do not waste time circling around the subject.