Improve your IELTS Writing Skills

The IELTS writing test vary between the general and academic version of the exam. If you want to approach IELTS writing with more skill and greater confidence, you should strive to improve your general English writing skills.

It’s important to learn how to brainstorm, organize and have a clear structure when taking the IELTS writing section. When writing for the IELTS avoid using the same words or phrases. By using different words you showcase your vocabulary, which is one of the factors that determine your score.

When expressing your ideas in writing always provide supporting details and evidence. This is when using sources from the material provided come in hand. Creating good summaries and paraphrasing is also a key component in getting a good IELTS writing score.

In my experience the best way to improve your general English writing skills, is to practice your writing by creating a blog where you can you write about topics you’re passionate about.

It’s important to use elements from the standardized essay every time you practice so it becomes a natural pattern, particularly an introduction and conclusion.

After finishing your essay, article or blog you should identify ideas that seem out of place or incomplete. Which ideas should you move to a different part of the essay? Which ideas should you remove entirely? Are there any discrepancies that you should add? After analyzing your writing always rewrite and incorporate the changes.

The fastest way to improve your IELTS writing skills is to actually write. Don’t get me wrong, reading about how to write for the IELTS is always a good thing but it’s important not to forget to apply what you have read and learned.

Click here to learn more IELTS essay writing tips. Read and practice your writing and you will see improvements in your IELTS writing skills in no time!