Improve your Grammar for the IELTS Exam

Although there is no grammar section on the IELTS exam, having good grammar will be a key component in getting a good IELTS score. The importance on communicating with good grammar is especially important on the IELTS writing and speaking test.

Many students ask, what is the best method to improve your grammar for the IELTS? My advice is to learn basic grammar rules and then apply them to your IELTS practice. It is common for students to only focus on learning the grammar rules but it is better to know a few rules and how to apply them to your writing/speech.

Below are some tips to help you improve your grammar for the IELTS

Listen and read in English: By listening to others speak and reading articles you will learn how to construct sentence and structure your communication in English.

Correct your mistakes: If you can have somebody proofread your writing it goes a long way to improve your grammar. By learning and correcting common mistakes you will improve your grammar at a fast pace.

Similarly goes with your speaking ability. If you can talk in English with a native speaker make sure they correct you when you use improper grammar.

Learn the basic rules: Make sure you know the basic English grammar rules. Here is a great resource that covers English grammar.

Fake it till you make it: Use phrases and sentences you hear and read. You will be amazed how imitating others will help your grammar skills.

By implementing these guidelines you will see an improvement on your grammar skills, just in time before taking the IELTS exam.