IELTS Essay Writing Tips

Today’s post is going to cover the IELTS essay section and will give you a few IELTS essay writing tips.

Before you begin, you should have a clear outline in mind. When having an outline to follow you are able to write faster and more efficient. Remember to prioritize quality over quantity. It’s better to write a text that is shorter and written correctly rather than having a long text that is written sloppy. By following a planned procedure you increase the quality of your content as well as how fast you’re able to write.

The IELTS writing section has a time limit, this means the time frame given makes it challenging to redo your writing and correct mistakes you might have made.

Be aware of the questions asked and make it your priority to answer it properly. Avoid giving general answers that does not give a clear specific answer.

Some key factors that you will be rated on when writing on the IELTS are:

Responding to the question: Always give a specific answer to the question

Coherence and Cohesion: Make sure your paragraphs are connected to each other

Use of grammar: Make sure that your text is grammatically correct

Use of vocabulary: Avoid using the same words over and over again.

Structure your writing in an introduction paragraph, body paragraph and conclusion. By following this structure you increase the coherence of the text.

The introduction paragraph will be the first part the examiner will read so it’s important to make a good first impression. Make sure your introduction is connected to the topic. Make sure that the question itself is presented in the introduction paragraph.

Share your thoughts and explain your position in the body paragraph. Give details and examples to support your opinion.

Finish up your text with a conclusion where you present a brief summary followed with your final conclusion.

Before handing in your IELTS essay, make sure that you have reviewed the entire essay in case you catch small mistakes you might have made.

These are some few things you should consider before taking on the IELTS essay section. We hope our IELTS essay writing tips have been useful to you and if you would like to read more about writing in English, click here.