How does TOEFL Rescore work?

Did you know that you can request a TOEFL rescore on your TOEFL writing and speaking? If you feel that you’re writing and speaking score on the TOEFL was a misstake, you can request a rescore through ETS.

After you have made a rescoring request, ETS will send your speaking and writing responses to a completely different person. After being reviewed by this individual you will be given a complete new TOEFL score that will become your official score.

Something to keep in mind when requesting a rescore is to make the request within 30 days of taking the TOEFL. Also, remember that if you’ve already sent your score to colleges or universities you cannot request a rescore.

The request fee is $80 for each section. Consider that when requesting a new speaking and writing score, it might cost as much as retaking the test. If you feel you can get a better score on the reading and listening part as well it might be worth to retake the whole test instead.

The negative factor with requesting a rescore is that you may get your test back with a lower score or receive the same score as the first time.

If you have already achieved your target score (the score you need for your university or college) there is no need for you to request a rescore even though you might feel you deserve a better score.

So it’s crucial that you are confident you will receive a better score when requesting a rescore. To learn more about how your TOEFL speaking and writing responses are graded check out the official TOEFL rubrics.