Why your Company should Utilize eLearning

The eLearning revolution is here to stay. Mobile technology and the Internet have changed the way we learn and develop our skills. Still, there are plenty of companies that do not utilize the many tools eLearning can offer. Here are some interesting facts that show why your company should incorporate eLearning in the training of employees.

• Over 77% of North American corporations use eLearning within their training
• Europe and US account for over 70% of the global online education industry
• The fastest growing geographical area is Asia
• It is estimated that by 2019, half of all educational classes will be conducted through the internet
• eLearning has been proved to increase knowledge retention by 25%

Many employees leave due to lack of development and training. Employee turnover is expensive and costly for many companies. Keeping employees stimulated and providing opportunities to develop professionally has proven a decrease in turnovers.

The application of online training can be customized to your companies specific need. Regardless if the objective is to improve the workforce customer service skills, internal procedures or business english skills.

Another benefit of eLearning is that it is cost affective, compared to seminars and courses where employees have to attend at an on-site facility.

Companies often use eLearning as an important method of training staff for the simple reason that it cuts operational costs by up to 50 to 70 percent. Not only does eLearning save money, it also saves time.

eLearning is here to stay, the only question is, in what capacity it would be the most affective for your company?