6 Tips on Where to Start Learning English as a Beginner

1. The best way to learn any new language is to be surrounded in an environment where that language is the primary way of communication. If you can’t travel to that location you can use your computer to travel there virtually.

For example if you have a passion for Football you should join an online Football community and interact there on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when talking to others, we learn through making mistakes. All you need to say is “sorry if my writing is a little off, English is not my native language” if you are worried that others won’t understand your writing, you will find that others will be understandable and work with you.

2. Find a source like a book to learn the basic rules and framework of English and practice when spending time on your chosen online community. The source can be anything like a book, tape or course but the important thing is that you find something that suits your specific needs.

3. After learning the rules of Basic English you will notice that your improvement is going to go quickly if you practice using
English on a daily basis.

4. Continue to practice your grammar, vocabulary, your reading and writing skills by doing exercises online. The key factor is to keep your learning momentum going and to avoid spending time not using English.

5. When reading text in English avoid translating it to your native language. This will slow down your learning progress; it’s better to use contextual clues (clues within the text) to try to figure out the meaning of the sentence. Focus on listening on sentences and patterns; use this technique when listening to movies or TV.

6. You will not learn English from a textbook; a book should serve as a reference and resource instead of utilizing it as your main way of learning English. By using this process and training your ears to listen to English, you will notice that you are going to understand more and more.