About ePrepz

ePrepz is an online interactive learning platform and study resource for students preparing for English language proficiency exams. Currently, we offer test preparation packages for the IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL exam. We also provide Business English Training for international business professionals.

ePrepz began as a graduate school project that set out to give students a tool to use when preparing for an English language proficiency exam. ePrepz was developed after experiencing first hand the frustration of trying to find effective practice material for the TOEFL exam.

In our experience, we always perform better on exams by practicing with study guides and practice tests before taking an exam. The idea behind ePrepz is for students to learn through taking practice simulation exams. By taking practice tests that simulate the exam, students learn the format of the test as well as improve their English language skills.

Active learning is based on the concept of learning through doing. That’s why the majority of the learning material on ePrepz is structured in a quiz format. After the increased demand and popularity of the test preparation material, ePrepz was born.

ePrepz helps international students reach their educational goals by offering learning material and strategies proven to maximize test scores. ePrepz's mission is to provide test preparation that is efficient and accessible for students anywhere in the world. ePrepz strives to be the test preparation community for international students.

If you have any questions regarding our preparation programs, check out our FAQ page. For more information about ePrepz products or partnerships, please feel free to contact us.

Prep smarter with ePrepz.