Tips for the TOEIC Writing Section

In today’s blog post we are going to dive in to the writing section of the TOEIC test and give you a few useful TOEIC writing tips that will help you get a better score on your TOEIC test.

The TOEIC writing section consists of 8 questions and has a time limit of approximately 60 minutes.

The first five questions will ask you to write a short sentence describing a picture.
Tip: Key factor when describing the pictures will be how relevant your sentence is to the picture and to write with proper grammar.

The two following questions will ask you to respond to a written request.
Tip: Key factor when answering to the written request will be how well you’re able to demonstrate your vocabulary knowledge and write a response that answers the request made.

The final question will ask you to write an opinion essay.
Tip: Always support your opinion with examples that your opinion is based on. Organize your opinion essay with an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

TOEIC Writing Practice Tips

• Practice your writing skills based on TOEIC questions before taking the exam.

• Practice summarizing articles and work on paraphrasing and switching up your vocabulary when writing.

• Write opinion essays on topics that are similar to you, remember to support your opinion with examples and evidence.

• Write a summary of an article with a 30-minute set time limit.

• Improve your vocabulary and practice applying it to your writing.

• Use phrases that give the reader an idea on what section of the essay they are reading. For example a common phrase to write in the introduction paragraph is “on one hand”.

• Join an online forum that discusses topics you are interested in.

These are just a few things you can do to improve your score on the TOEIC writing section.

Best of luck on your TOEIC exam!