TOEIC Listening Tips and Strategies

Today we are going to go over some useful TOEIC listening tips and strategies.


The first section of the TOEIC listening test will ask you to look at photographs and select the sentence that best describe the image.

Tip: Make sure you look over the four different options closely.

Tip: Be aware of small details on the picture and words that are emphasized on the recording.

Tip: Scan the image and try to answer the questions who, where what, why?


The second section of the TOEIC listening exam will ask you questions on various topics.

Tip: You might also be given a yes/no as answer options, if so look at the possibility that neither of them are right

Tip: Be aware of tricky questions and answers, it’s important to look closely on the different answers

Tip: If you are unsure of the answer you should always guess, as you don’t lose any points for a wrong answer.


The third section of the TOEIC listening test will be based on conversations. You will listen to a short dialogue and then ask questions on the conversations you just heard.

Tip: Make sure you read the question and the answers before you begin listening to the conversation

Tip: Be aware of the speaker’s tone and words

Tip: Do not rush when selecting your answer
Tip: Once again ask yourself who, why, what, where


The fourth and last section of the TOEIC listening test is based on a monologue (one person speaking).

Tip: Like the previous section, try to read the questions and answers before you listen to the conversation.

Tip: Focus on key details when listening to the talk

Tip: Stay within the time frame as you will have a hard time catching up if you fall behind. So don’t get stuck on a question if you are unsure about the answer, take a guess and then move on.

That concludes are TOEIC listening tips, to get some practice in before taking the TOEIC exam sign up with ePrepz TOEIC practice!

We wish you the best of luck on your test!