How to Improve your English Speaking Skills

The first and most important step to improve your English speaking ability is to speak English as often as you can. By practicing your English you will improve rapidly and boost your confidence. The following tips will help improve your English speaking skills.

Don’t worry about making mistakes because in order to improve you will have to make mistakes. There is a tendency for foreign speakers to rush through sentences, try to speak calmly and accurately. Feeling nervous makes us rush when speaking, stumble on our words and or feel unsure about the pronunciation. Focus on speaking at a comfortable pace and pronounce your words correctly.

A good way to practice is to record your own voice and listen to your pronunciation. Many students become surprised after hearing themselves speak, students often notice mistakes they didn’t have a clue they were making.

Expand you vocabulary and try to learn at least one new word every day. The key is to try to use your newly learned words in conversation when speaking. Another way to increase your vocabulary is to read the newspaper, magazine or a book in English.
When reading try to read out loud, this will help you learn and improve the pronunciation of different words.

You can also try to listen to English news channels or watch English movies. Improving your listening comprehension goes hand in hand with your speaking skills.

Remember that silent letters are not pronounced when we say the word. In other words, these letters or alphabets are written when spelling the word but not said out loud verbally. For example the alphabet ‘B’ is not pronounced when it comes after ‘M’, for example words like tomb, plumber or comb.

By applying these tips to your daily English practice you will improve your English speaking ability in no time!