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Business English trainingIf you are looking for an English language training that is focused on the particular needs of business, then you have come to the right place. ePrepz comprehensive English training package is designed to make you feel more confident communicating in English in a business environment.

With English as the global language of business many companies expect their employees to be able to communicate in English. ePrepz business English training gives you the tools to quickly improve your ability to communicate in English.

With learning materials based on different business scenarios you will develop your knowledge of English for typical situations in the business world such as presentations, meetings, negotiations, job interviews, business calls and more.

ePrepz business English training currently includes nine different modules

ePrepz training package consist of nine different modules that will help you become more familiar with vocabulary and the language used in the business world.

• Basic terms: Learn basic English terms and vocabulary

• Business terms: Learn how to apply business terms to different business situations

• Reading & Listening comprehension: Improve your reading and listening comprehension

• Business writing: Practice writing correspondence – such as business letters or sales pitches

• Business vocabulary: Improve your business English vocabulary with ePrepz flash cards

• Business scenarios: Experience everyday business scenarios and case studies

• Marketing & Sales: Module completely focused on different marketing & terms and scenarios

• Finance: Module completely focused on key finance terms and different situations in the financial industry

• Career & Jobs: Module focused on terms that are useful on resumes, cover letters and job interviews

Enhance all four English language components (reading, writing, listening and speaking), as well as your business English vocabulary. Raise your awareness of different communication styles in order for you to choose the appropriate form for various business situations.

A few of the many benefits of ePrepz English training

Learn specific terms for, business meetings, presentations, finance, job interviews, marketing, negotiations, sales and customer service.

Learn how to communicate effectively with customers, clients and colleagues.

Learn how to structure your writing for professional emails, letters, reports, and proposals.

Improve your listening comprehension by listening to native speakers participating in authentic business conversations.

Boost your vocabulary and learn words and phrases specific to different industries and job types.

Raise your general English knowledge and become more familiar with terms used in the business world.

For only $25 you get access to over hundreds of different exercises. All the study materials are accessible online so you can study on your phone, computer or tablet 24/7. Improve your Business English now with ePrepz online business English training package.

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