TOEFL Speaking Question Types

Just like the TOEFL writing section, the TOEFL speaking part includes different question types. The TOEFL speaking section consist of six different tasks, however, the TOEFL speaking section will only give you two types of questions; an independent style and an integrated question type.

The main difference is that the integrated topic is usually about an academic subject. You will have to give a response based on a lecture or a text, while the independent speaking topic is about your personal opinion on a subject.

TOEFL Integrated Speaking Questions

The TOEFL integrated question types in the speaking section includes both reading and listening comprehension. This requires you to be able to comprehend a lecture or a text and being able to explain what you just have heard or read.

TOEFL Independent Speaking Questions

The independent speaking question type only requires you to speak about your opinion on various personal topics. These question types focuses solely on your ability to speak clearly.

The first speaking task is usually an independent question type where you will give a personal answer. For example, “What is your favorite book or movie? Describe it and say why it is your favorite.”

Decide what your answer is going to be quickly and then start thinking of reasons why that movie or book is your favorite.

Another task where you will see independent question types are where you have to choose between two options and then support your choice. For example “some people prefer summer while others prefer summer. Which season do your prefer and why?”

You only have 30 seconds to answer these question types so make quick decisions and find reasons to support your answer.

Your TOEFL speaking score will be based on the following three criteria’s:

Topic development: Your ability to understand and convey information.

Delivery: Your ability to use clear speech.

Language use: Your grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

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