Quick TOEFL Reading Section Overview

The TOEFL reading section is designed to test your reading comprehension skills. The content will be similar to the text you will see in a college textbook.

The reading section will include three to four passages and will have a time limit of 60 or 80 minutes.

Each reading passage will be followed by questions. After reading the passage you can click on the “next” to begin answering the first questions. Most of the questions will focus on a specific paragraph and the paragraph will be highlighted with an arrow.

The questions in the reading section will only have one right answer; the exception is when you are about to answer table questions or when the instruction specifically asks you to choose two answers.

If the words are underlined you can click on the words and it will give you the definition of that word.

The questions you will face on the TOEFL reading will usually focus on testing your comprehension skills or critical thinking ability. The comprehension style of questions will be about understanding information from the text or lecture. Critical thinking style of questions will ask you take the information from the text and interpret or reorganize the information.

These are few of the test factors that are helpful to know before tackling the TOEFL reading section. What are others? Leave a comment to share your TOEFL reading tips!