What is the TOEFL ITP Test?

There are several different versions of the TOEFL, (TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP). In today’s post we are going to take a look at the TOEFL ITP test.

The TOEFL ITP is typically used by organizations to determine the level of English knowledge of the test takers. This could be for the purpose of position placement, progress, evaluation, exit testing or other situations where testing English language proficiency is useful.

We recently got the question from a reader if she could use her TOEFL ITP score when applying for Universities. The TOEFL ITP is used for internal use within an organization. You will not be able to use your TOEFL ITP score for admission purposes for Colleges or Universities that require a TOEFL score.

Like the other versions of the TOEFL exam, the TOEFL ITP tests non-native English speakers their English language proficiency. The TOEFL ITP is paper based and the content of the exam is focused on academic English. All questions are multiple choice.

There are two different levels of the TOEFL ITP. Level 1, which is described as intermediate to advance and Level 2, which is described as high beginning to intermediate.

TOEFL ITP Test Format

The TOEFL ITP includes three different sections:

Level 1 (Intermediate to Advanced)
Listening Comprehension: 50 Questions
Structure and Written Expression: 40 Questions
Reading Comprehension: 50 Questions
Score Scale: 310-677
Total: 140 Questions (115 Minutes)

Level 2 (High Beginning to Intermediate)
Listening Comprehension: 30 Questions
Structure and Written Expression: 25 Questions
Reading and Vocabulary: 40 Questions
Score Scale: 200-500
Total: 95 Questions (70 minutes)

Source: ETS