How can Improving my Business English Advance my Career?

Business English is simply the English language used in a professional environment. The business environment can change depending on what field you are working in. However the concept remains the same in that it’s about communication in the workplace.

For example the business English used, when working in sales is different to the English used when working as a lawyer with international clients.

How can improving my business English advance my career?

Good knowledge of business terms and vocabulary helps you conduct business in a professional manner. Not only will you be more valuable to your company but also improve your chances of advancement, which are greater for employees with a competitive advantage. Having a workforce that can handle language barriers us crucial for any international company.

Improving your business English skills gives you an advantage when writing emails, supporting international customers, negotiating with clients, participating in meetings and conferences and other business situations.

Learning business terms and jargons is a substantial part of Business English, a few include, “the bottom line”, “being in the red” and “to cut corners”. When practicing business English you focus on learning vocabularies used in business and also practice applying it.

There are many different reasons why you should want to improve your English skills; it could be to improve your prospect in your current company. Another reason is if you are looking to work abroad in an English speaking country.