7 Tips on How to Improve your English Vocabulary

Building your vocabulary is absolutely essential if you want to improve your English proficiency. Words are the fuel of any language. There are many ways you can improve your English vocabulary at a rapid pace. Today we are going to share some of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary.

One of the most effective methods to improve your English vocabulary is to simply read English texts on a continuous basis. Make it a daily habit to visit English news websites to keep up with current affairs. To keep you motivated, read about something you are interested in.

By learning new words within their context it becomes easier to memorize the definition of the word and in what situations they can be used. The more you read the more new words you will encounter and learn.

When you are learning a new word remember to learn the root, prefixes and suffixes. You should also be aware of different grammatical forms of your newly learned word.

When doing your daily round of reading through English websites remember to write down words you are unfamiliar with on a notepad. After writing down a few words find the definition and practice using it with a sentence.

Another useful resource to improve your vocabulary is to watch videos in English with subtitles in your native tongue.

Avoid using the list to simply memorize the definition of the words. For a word to really stay with your vocabulary it’s important to practice using in different situations.

Try using the word in conversations, and make sure you pronounce it correctly. Construct grammatical sentences using the word correctly.

Another useful tool to memorize words are index cards, write the word on one side and the meaning on the other.

These are some of the ways you can improve your English vocabulary. Learn more tips on how to improve your English language proficiency.