The Difference Between the TOEFL and TOEIC Test

We often get the question, what the difference between the TOEIC test and TOEFL test are. Today’s post is going to give you an overview of the difference between the two exams but also the similarities. Both the TOEIC and TOEFL test are English language proficiency exams that test your ability to communicate in English. […]

TOEFL Independent Writing Topics

The difference between the TOEFL independent writing task and the integrated writing section task is that the independent section asks you to write your opinion about an issue, while the integrated writing task asks you to write a passage based on information from a text or a lecture. Today we are going to take a […]

TOEFL iBT Test Format

There are two main versions of the TOEFL exam, TOEFL PBT and TOEFL iBT. Today we are going to cover the format for the TOEFL iBT version. As you probably already know, the TOEFL iBT test consists of four different sections that test various English language skills. The sections consist of: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, […]

How to Improve your TOEFL Vocabulary

Your English vocabulary skills will be a key factor when trying to achieve a good score on the TOEFL exam. The easiest and fastest way to improve your English vocabulary is to read. When reading an article or a book you will automatically learn new words and in what context they fit. When finding a […]

TOEFL Reading Tips & Strategies

Many students ask how they should practice improving their reading comprehension before taking the TOEFL. And the answer is simple: read! It doesn’t matter what you’re reading about as long it’s in English. Improving your reading comprehension also has the benefit of improving your ability on all the other section tested on the TOEFL (speaking, […]