TOEFL Speaking Question Types

Just like the TOEFL writing section, the TOEFL speaking part includes different question types. The TOEFL speaking section consist of six different tasks, however, the TOEFL speaking section will only give you two types of questions; an independent style and an integrated question type. The main difference is that the integrated topic is usually about […]

TOEFL Score Range for the Different Versions of the TOEFL Test

Different versions of the TOEFL test have different score range, in today’s we post we are going to review the score range for all versions of the TOEFL exam. Remember that there is no pass or fail score on the TOEFL test but rather an estimate of your English language comprehension. TOEFL iBT Score Range […]

What is the TOEFL ITP Test?

There are several different versions of the TOEFL, (TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP). In today’s post we are going to take a look at the TOEFL ITP test. The TOEFL ITP is typically used by organizations to determine the level of English knowledge of the test takers. This could be for […]