How to Deal with Stress when Taking your Test

To be nervous before taking a test is normal, it’s actually a good thing. Scientists have proven that test takers generally do better when they are little nervous before their exam. However, there is also a negative impact of nervousness and stress when taking an exam especially if you let the stress control you and […]

How to Improve your English Grammar

Good grammar is a key component in being able to speak English; in this section we will give you some tips on how to improve your English grammar. It’s normal for non-native English speakers to make grammatical errors on occasion. The key to improve your grammar is like the key to improve everything else, practice! […]

How Being Able to Communicate in English Can Help your Career

A high standard of English in an organization, especially at the management level is a competitive advantage that facilitates international growth. While a lack of English language skills can seriously hinder a company. The English language surrounds us in everyday life and is used in various fields such as culture, politics, education and economics. Knowledge […]

New Course Coming Soon at ePrepz

We have exciting news for all our students at ePrepz. The ePrepz test preparation packages will be updated with new study material for the TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS. We will also release new a course that will focus on improving students general English skills. So if you are a beginner and want to go over […]

Improving your English on a Tight Schedule

Are you struggling to find the time to learn, study, and improve your English skills? It’s not easy to put time aside to study when you have a job, family and other obligations. The good news is that you can soon learn English on the go. ePrepz is about to launch an interactive English course […]