How to Get a Good Score on TOEIC Short Talks and TOEIC Conversations

TOEIC short talks and TOEIC conversations are part of the TOEIC listening section. These tips will help you maximize your score on the TOEIC short talks section and the TOEIC conversation sections.

TOEIC Short Talks Tips

Listen carefully to the introduction to the talk; it will tell you what the main topic will be. Always look at the questions while you listen, don’t look away.

Questions you should ask yourself while you are listing are,

What is the main topic?

Who is speaking?                                                             -

What is the main theme?

What is happening?

Where there any announcement being made?

What kind of people would be interested in this talk?

You will also be asked detailed questions, questions that ask about specific points of the talk.  It’s important that you still understand the main topic and the context.

Detailed questions usually begin with words like: why, where, what, and how much. You will also be asked negative questions; these are questions that you will have to answer through your own conclusions by rule of elimination. For example which of the following is not true?

Inference questions will also show up in this section, these types of questions are not based on the information you will receive in the talk. Instead you will have to draw your own conclusions to answer the questions.

Different types of TOEIC short talks

Public Announcements

News, Weather, and Public Service Bulletins

Commercial Messages

Business Talks

Recorded Messages

TOEIC Short Conversations

Questions to expect in the short conversation section are:

Overview Questions that begins with: what, who and why

Location questions that begin with: where are?

Occupation questions that begins with: what are they, who are they.

Topic questions that begin with: what are they talking about?

Activity questions that ask what will or is taking place.

Detail and inference questions similar to the ones in the short talk are also included in the TOEIC short conversation section.

To get a good score on the TOEIC Short Talks and TOEIC conversations it is important to know what kind of questions to expect. Once this has been accomplished you can work on your listening comprehension skills by listening to English and analyzing what you are listening to based on the questions you will see on the TOEIC. The main factor to score well on the listening section is to be able to understand the English language when you hear it.

So if you are seeing any movies this week watch it in English, or go to You Tube and watch videos in English. The more you familiarize yourself to listening to English language instead of your native language the more you will understand and improve your listening comprehension.

Hope these TOEIC short talk and TOEIC conversation tips are helpful to you and good luck on your exam!