6 Tips for the TOEIC Photograph Section

The TOEIC photograph section is a part of the TOEIC listening test. In this task, test-takers are asked to describe a picture by selecting a sentence that best describes the photograph.

You will only hear the sentence once and there is only one right answer. The other 3 sentences will include details that are not based on evidence presented in the photograph. The photographs will usually include a business or travel theme.

Different way’s to practice for this task includes:

Another great exercise is to look at a picture of an office and labeling all the items you see in the image.

Create sentences that describe things you do in your daily life by writing it down or saying it.

Taking TOEIC practice tests that include the TOEIC photograph section is also a great way to prepare for this task.

6 TOEIC Picture Description Tips

1.Make sure you take a good look at the picture before the recording start. Have a few ideas of sentences that could be used to describe the picture for example “ The woman is walking in to a meeting”.

2.Immediately cross off a false sentence. False sentences usually include one detail that is not clearly visible or a detail that is visible but not described correctly.

3.Often the wrong answer will be an inference sentence, something that could be true but still is speculation since it’s not based on facts gathered from the image.

4.The correct answer will almost always describe what can clearly be seen in the picture.

5.Some pictures will only show objects or places, choose the sentence that best describe the different objects in the image or best describe the environment you see in the photograph.

6.Always listen to all four sentences before giving your answer.

The best way to prepare for the TOEIC photograph task is to take exercises based on the task. Apply these tips when doing your exercises and you will see improvements in your performance and score.