TOEFL Reading Tips & Strategies

Many students ask how they should practice improving their reading comprehension before taking the TOEFL. And the answer is simple: read!

It doesn’t matter what you’re reading about as long it’s in English. Improving your reading comprehension also has the benefit of improving your ability on all the other section tested on the TOEFL (speaking, listening and writing). That’s why you will see a lot of exercises based on reading comprehension with ePrepz TOEFL training material.

Below are some TOEFL tips and strategies that might be useful to you during the reading comprehension part of the TOEFL exam.
If you have the opportunity to scan the text and questions quickly before reading the text more in detail you should do so. This will give you an idea on what to look for and what the reading passage is about.

TOEFL Reading Tips & StrategiesThe text often follows an academic structure with an introduction; body paragraphs and wrapped up with a conclusion. You will often find the thesis (main point of the text) of the text in the introduction paragraph. Details supporting the claim can be found in the body paragraphs and a summary of the entire text in the conclusion.

Questions regarding details of the text are often found in the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs are the sections you want to scan for keywords.

You will have 60 to 80 minutes to complete the reading section of the TOEFL. So it’s important to be aware of the time you spend on each question.

The best way to increase your reading speed is to read in English before taking the test and take practice tests.
It’s easy to fall for the temptation to read with your lips in a language your not completely familiar with. However, this will slow you down tremendously. If you notice that you are moving your lips when reading in English we recommend that you get plenty of practice before taking the test so you feel comfortable reading without doing so.

15 minutes of reading a day will help you improve substantially. Read about your interests and hobbies to make it fun!
By taking timed reading comprehension practice tests before taking the TOEFL you do not only improve your reading ability but also your concentration.

These are a few TOEFL reading tips that could help you when tackling the TOEFL reading section. If you are looking for TOEFL practice tests and exercises sign up with ePrepz now.