How to Quickly Identify the Main Theme of a Text

The key component in reading comprehension is being able to quickly recognize what the main theme of the text is, especially when your under time constraints. In today’s article, I’ll give you some tips to help you recognize main ideas in the reading section.

If you have looked over our templates for the writing section you will see that there is a clear structure with an introduction, body and conclusion. One advantage is that most academic text you will read follows exactly the same structure.

Focus your attention on the introduction as the main idea; it can usually be found in the first paragraph. If not, the conclusion is another good place to look. The body paragraph often focuses on explaining the stand or information presented in the introduction.

When reading your passage, you will be presented with information that is just there to distract you. Focus on key points like dates, numbers, and names. Also be aware if a certain term or word is repeated several times. Don’t forget to read the title of the paper you’re reading!

Remember to look at the details; it’s often the small things that make students give the wrong answer to a question. It’s easy to rush and make unnecessary mistakes. The reading section often attempts to trick you by adding a word like “expect” or “not” in the middle of sentence.

Read carefully, and always reread the question before choosing your final answer. Never forget the main theme of the passage; it’s easy to get stuck in a detail. If you are struggling with a word or question it’s better to skip it, but if you have an extra few minutes at the end jump back to look over those questions you missed.

By following these guidelines you will be able to quickly identify what the texts main theme is. Good luck on your test!