Practice Tips for the TOEIC Reading Section

A common challenge with the TOEIC reading section is running out of time. Doing a couple of timed practice tests before the exam will help with this problem. The reading practice tests will give you an idea on how long it will take to skim and scan specific information.

A common strategy for the TOEIC reading section is to: start with skimming, read the question and then scan for the answer of the question.Skimming is used when we want to understand the main idea of a text., you quickly look through the text and gather key information. Scanning is used when we need to find a particular piece of information.

Make sure to read the questions carefully before you start reading the text. It’s important to have a clear strategy on how to tackle those questions. By taking the practice tests beforehand you will be able to develop a strategy you are comfortably with.

When taking a practice test make sure that you are completely focused on the task at hand. Turn off TV’s, music or other distractions. It’s important that you practice as realistic as possible. When answering multiple choice questions you will be given four possible answers. Three of them may seem likely; one answer may even be deliberately confusing, so make sure you read the sentence or question carefully.

Being that the TOEIC exam is focused on English for a professional environment reading Business newspapers in English can improve your reading comprehension significantly before taking the TOEIC. It won’t happen over night but every month you should see some progress in your ability to understand the text.

These are few TOEIC reading tips that can help you succeed on the TOEIC reading section. Best of luck on the test!