TOEFL Integrated Speaking Topics

It’s a common reaction for test-takers to panic when answers are supposed to be within a specific timeframe during the TOEFL speaking section. However, with good preparation you are less likely to get startled when speaking under time pressure. Many test-takers worry about their answer and overanalyze what the right answer should be. Remember on […]

What is the TOEIC Bridge Test?

The TOEIC Bridge test is a simplified version of the TOEIC test. The test is for beginners and intermediate English speakers. The level of the exam is easier than the regular TOEIC test. It is often used to prepare test-takers for the next level of English language. The test includes 100 multiple-choice questions and takes […]

What is the IELTS Life Skills Exam?

IELTS Life Skills is an exam provided by IELTS and their test partners. It’s a brand new exam introduced in 2015. The test is designed to meet the requirements for UK visas (UKVI). The exam only includes a speaking and listening section, because it is the only skills applicants need to demonstrate when applying for […]

How does TOEFL Rescore work?

Did you know that you can request a TOEFL rescore on your TOEFL writing and speaking? If you feel that you’re writing and speaking score on the TOEFL was a misstake, you can request a rescore through ETS. After you have made a rescoring request, ETS will send your speaking and writing responses to a […]

6 Tips for the TOEIC Photograph Section

The TOEIC photograph section is a part of the TOEIC listening test. In this task, test-takers are asked to describe a picture by selecting a sentence that best describes the photograph. You will only hear the sentence once and there is only one right answer. The other 3 sentences will include details that are not […]


Both the TOEFL and IELTS test are widely accepted English language proficiency exams. Students often wonder which one they should take. Ultimately it all comes down what the admission process looks like at the institution (college, university) you are applying to. However, there are cases where schools accept both the TOEFL and IELTS. Then the […]

Quick TOEFL Reading Section Overview

The TOEFL reading section is designed to test your reading comprehension skills. The content will be similar to the text you will see in a college textbook. The reading section will include three to four passages and will have a time limit of 60 or 80 minutes. Each reading passage will be followed by questions. […]

Tips to Raise your TOEIC Speaking Score

Getting a good score on the TOEIC Speaking test is no easy task. Today, we are going to look at some TOEIC speaking tips and how you can improve your TOEIC speaking score. It helps knowing the format of the TOEIC speaking section before taking the test. Check out the post below if you would […]