Improving your English on a Tight Schedule

Are you struggling to find the time to learn, study, and improve your English skills? It’s not easy to put time aside to study when you have a job, family and other obligations. The good news is that you can soon learn English on the go. ePrepz is about to launch an interactive English course so that you may study whenever you have time to spare. In the meantime there are several things you can do to work on your English skills.

We are big believers in the concept of effective study time rather than (excuse the language) screwing around. For example I would take a couple intensive 10 minute sessions a week rather than 3 hours of bore repetition. This means you can study on your lunch break, on your way to work or whenever you have a little time to spare.

Is there something you’re passionate about? Maybe a sport, movies, music, fashion? With the innovation of the internet you can talk about what you love with hundreds of other people who love the same thing, in English! Join a forum, community or blog and obtain the benefits of having improved English. It won’t even feel like you are studying!

Set your surroundings to English settings, for example your internet browser, TV settings, shopping list. Write English words on small note cards and place them around your room. By customizing your surroundings to English you will improve your vocabulary faster than you can say banana!
Make sure that you spend some time every day before going to bed reviewing what you have learned that day.

Don’t get discouraged, just with a little practice every day you can do wonders for your English skills.

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