IELTS Interview Tips and Strategies

The IELTS speaking exam includes three different sections. Often the area that gives students the most trouble is the interview section. The IELTS speaking interview is an oral exam where the test takers have answer questions such as their interests, hobbies, family and other general topics.

Many students often become nervous during the interview part of the IELTS. Today we are going to go over some IELTS interview tips and strategies.

The entire interview will take around 12-15 minutes to complete. The first section includes general questions about you and should take approximately 5 minutes. Second section will require you to give a short speech for 2 minutes. Third section of the interview will be a discussion on a general topic which will go on for around 5 minutes.

You will be taking the interview part of the IELTS with an examiner. That person will be asks you the questions and keep track of the time.

When walking into the test, the examiner will greet you and ask for you name and identification. A common second phase will be the examiner asking you common questions like what you do for a living and where you are from. Prepare and practice answers to common questions you would expect when meeting someone for the first time. After completing the introduction, the examiner will then ask you questions about general topics like music or family.

The next phase will require you to speak for two minutes straight; the examiner will introduce the topic on which you will talk about. You will be given one minute to prepare your speech. You will be given a pencil and paper to take notes and organize your monologue.

The last phase of the IELTS interview section will be a discussion with the examiner that lasts for 5 minutes. The discussion topic is often based on the same topic as the monologue.

IELTS Interview Tips

You will have one minute to prepare your monologue, make sure you use this time by taking useful notes.

Avoid using short “yes” and “no” answers.

Remember that there is no wrong answer to the question. The important thing is that you can explain your answer.

If there is something you are unsure about ask the examiner to clarify rather than just guessing.

Be aware of the different time limits and practice beforehand by timing yourself.

Common IELTS Interview Questions

First section: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you enjoy school? What are some of your hobbies? Do you enjoy reading books?

Second Section: Describe you favorite movie? Describe your favorite book? What is your favorite sports team and why?

Third Section: Why is the Godfather your favorite movie? Do you think actors and actresses get paid too much?