IELTS Exam Strategies that Gives you an Edge

IELTS Speaking Strategy

Always make sure that you understand the question. It’s better to ask the examiner to repeat the question then to guess what the examiner is asking.

Use bullet points when writing down notes for the second speaking task. You will only have one minute to take notes so make it count.

Speak at a regular speed; it’s easy for non-native speakers to rush when speaking. Avoid it by practicing the tempo of your English speaking beforehand.

Make sure that your answer is always the length that is required from you. It’s also a good idea to practice recording your speech so you can get a feel of the speed and length of your answers.

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IELTS Listening Strategy

If you’re able to look at the questions before or during your listening it will give you an edge.

It’s important that you are focused when listening since you will only hear the recording once.

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IELTS Writing Strategy

Always write the amount of words that is requested from you.

Know the different question types you might see in the IELTS writing section.

Avoid repeating the same words over and over. Use synonyms and a diversified vocabulary in your writing.

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IELTS Reading Strategy

Have a clear structure of how you approach the IELTS reading test before taking the exam. Maybe you like to mark keywords or write bullet points while reading.

Be aware of the time constraints and how to best utilize your time.

Always answer all the questions even if you have to guess on a few, if you have some time over go back and recheck your answers.

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