How the TOEIC Test can help your Organization

English has become the international language of business, utilized by professionals from different countries and backgrounds. As a result, the need for a workforce that is capable of communicating in English is imperative for organization that has an international presence. That’s where the TOEIC test can give your business a competitive edge on the global marketplace.

Since the TOEIC test simulates real-life situations in the global workplace, it gives you an estimate of your employee’s English proficiency in a professional environment. The TOEIC can help you in your hiring process as well as give you more information for placement decisions. It also gives you knowledge on what tasks different employees can handle.

Different industries that have an international presence apply the TOEIC in their external and internal hiring criteria’s. More than 9,000 institutions use the TOEIC to make the most informed hiring process and build a capable workforce for the global marketplace.

So what exactly is the TOEIC test?

The TOEIC test is an English proficiency exam that is based on common situations in global business. The exam is standardized so that it will give you an accurate estimate on the test-takers English language knowledge.

The test content is developed with real examples in a global organization and is familiar regardless of culture or country. The language mirrors how a non-native speaker would interact with another non-native speaker. The English language skills tested are reading, listening, speaking and writing. The test-takers will be tested in both communicating information as well as comprehension.

Examples of language skills tested are, communicating with a customer through the phone, communicating with clients through emails, attending presentations and reporting the presentation to others, gathering information from different sources and summarizing it.

The TOEIC section scores will give the test-taker and the organization a detailed summary of the English language capability of the test-taker. The data received from the test gives your organization information to recognize the employees that possess the competency to perform the required tasks.

The data received from the test also gives you the information on how the test-takers scores fall in relation to other candidates.

The TOEIC test scores can give your organization critical information on hiring and placement decisions. The TOEIC test can also serve as a great tool for developing your workforce to be better prepared when handling requests from international clients or customers. To learn more about the TOEIC check out ETS TOEIC site: