How to Improve your TOEIC Vocabulary

Is there such a thing as increasing your TOEIC vocabulary, you may ask. Of course not but there is such a thing as increasing your English vocabulary and when doing that you automatically improve your TOEIC vocabulary.

Students often struggle with TOEIC exam due to their limited English vocabulary. You can describe the importance of the vocabulary as the heart of any language skill, without knowing a broad set of words it’s hard to communicate your opinion.

When you decide to take the TOEIC test you should get yourself a notebook where you keep track of all of the new words you learn while studying for the TOEIC.

Flash cards can be used to memorize new words and its definition, while newspapers can provide a context where the words are used. Another useful way to improve your vocabulary is to read books in English.

Brainstorming synonyms for a word can also be a useful way to increase your word bank. For example a couple of synonyms for the word “cold” would be:






Most importantly don’t try to cram a bunch of words the week before taking the TOEIC, study ahead of time so you have chance to make a positive impact on your test score. These are some simple ways you can improve your vocabulary and as a result increase your knowledge of the English language.

Learning new words can be trough note cards can be a bit boring after a while so try to mix it up and give yourself plenty of time to process all this new information. By doing so you will be able to put all these new words in to action trough writing or speaking English on a higher level.