Five Tips on How to Improve your English for Business

There are many reasons why you might want to brush up on your English for business. In this week's post, we are going to share few tips on how to improve your English for business. By applying these exercises you will see an improvement in your comprehension and vocabulary.

1, Try to incorporate English in your daily habits, such as reading the news or visiting business websites like the WSJ in English on a daily basis. The key to improve at a quicker pace is to write down words you don’t understand and looking up the definition of the words.

2, In the past, we have recommended watching TV shows and movies that apply to Business English. What’s even better is to watch movies and TV shows with English subtitles as well as English speaking. This helps you learn how to pronounce specific words. Choose movies or TV shows that have a business or political topic to learn the language and terms used in the business world. Some recommended TV shows are: mad men, the west wing, and the newsroom.

3, Set clear goals for yourself, for example you might want to learn at least 10 new words a day. A good way to accomplish this is to review your notes of the words you didn't understand from reading the business news. Try to review the words in your notepad before going to bed and you will improve your vocabulary in no time!

4, Always try to practice speaking out loud as often as possible when learning new vocabulary words. A good exercise is to record saying a common business phrase and than compare it to how a native speaking person would say the phrase. A couple of common business phrases include, “I just wanted to give you a heads up about the meeting next Wednesday” or “there are a lot of regulatory industries that audit us on a regular basis. It's important that we do everything by the book”.

5. The fastest and most affective way to improve your English for business is to put yourself in real life business situations that require you to communicate in English. Traveling to an English-speaking country where you have to speak English is a great way to do this but this just isn’t possible for everyone. The next best thing is to join an online interactive community that focuses on a Business English topic.