TOEFL Registration Information

Today we are going to go over and provide some information on the registration process for the TOEFL test. These are some of the registration info you should now. First of all you should by when you need to take the TOEFL exam and send in your TOEFL score. By knowing your deadline date you […]

What is the difference between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT?

Many students often ask us what the difference is between the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT test. Today we are going to go over the differences between these two versions of the TOEFL. iBT stands for Internet based test and PBT stands for paper-based test. You will take the TOEFL iBT on a computer, […]

What to Expect from the TOEFL Reading Section

We have posted couple of articles that cover the TOEFL reading section (TOEFL reading tips and quick TOEFL reading overview). Now we have combined the two into a TOEFL video that cover the most important points. If you are about to take the TOEFL test and have a couple minutes to spare, this video will […]

TOEFL Independent Speaking Topics

We covered the TOEFL integrated speaking topics with an earlier post. Today we are going to look at the TOEFL independent speaking topics. These are the topics you will often see during the TOEFL independent speaking section. Personal topics and opinion You can expect questions regarding your personal opinions on broad topics. This could be […]

TOEFL Integrated Speaking Topics

It’s a common reaction for test-takers to panic when answers are supposed to be within a specific timeframe during the TOEFL speaking section. However, with good preparation you are less likely to get startled when speaking under time pressure. Many test-takers worry about their answer and overanalyze what the right answer should be. Remember on […]