What is the IELTS Life Skills Exam?

IELTS Life Skills is an exam provided by IELTS and their test partners. It’s a brand new exam introduced in 2015. The test is designed to meet the requirements for UK visas (UKVI). The exam only includes a speaking and listening section, because it is the only skills applicants need to demonstrate when applying for […]


Both the TOEFL and IELTS test are widely accepted English language proficiency exams. Students often wonder which one they should take. Ultimately it all comes down what the admission process looks like at the institution (college, university) you are applying to. However, there are cases where schools accept both the TOEFL and IELTS. Then the […]

IELTS Reading Tips and Strategies

There are many similarities between the general and the academic version of the IELTS reading section. However there are some things that differ between the two versions of the IELTS reading. For example, the topics in the reading passages will be different, as the general module will include broader topics while the academic version focuses […]

6 IELTS Speaking Tips

1. Avoid unfamiliar vocabulary. A lot of test-takers try to use vocabulary that may be unfamiliar when taking the IELTS. That increases the risk of making mistakes, stick to words you are comfortable with and used before. 2.There is no right or wrong answer in the interview section. The examiner does not have to agree […]

IELTS Exam Strategies that Gives you an Edge

IELTS Speaking Strategy Always make sure that you understand the question. It’s better to ask the examiner to repeat the question then to guess what the examiner is asking. Use bullet points when writing down notes for the second speaking task. You will only have one minute to take notes so make it count. Speak […]