5 Ways to Raise your TOEFL Score

There is no magical way to raise your TOEFL score, all you can do is practice to improve your Learn how to Raise your TOEFL ScoreTOEFL test taking skills and increase your knowledge of the English language. In this post we will provide you with 5 different resources and tips that could help you improve your knowledge of the English language for free.

Write at least 100 English words every day
There is no shortcut to improving your score on the TOEFL writing section. The fastest way to improve your English writing skills is to practice your writing every day. Joining a discussion forum online regarding a topic you’re passionate about is an easy way to put you in an environment where you can do just that. Other simple tools that will help make sure you write every day is to start a diary of some sort or create a blog online.

Watch TV shows in English
Do you have a favorite British or American TV show? Why not watch your show in English! You could decide to watch one show every day at hulu.com. The great thing about the shows at Hulu is that you can decide to watch it with closed captions (text) which will help you understand the storyline and enjoy the show! This is a fun and often underrated way to improve your listening comprehension in English.

Learn complete English sentences
Students often go crazy with flash cards when practicing for the TOEFL. Being able to understand a text relatively fast is very important in both the Listening and Reading sections of the TOEFL test. One thing that can really slow you down is trying to understand a passage word by word. Another factor that makes this even more important is that the TOEFL is a timed test, which means that you might be in a time crunch to understand the content you are reading.

So when you are memorizing the meaning of English words make sure you are able to put them in a sentence within the right context. For example, instead of just memorizing the word “factor” think of sentences where the word can be used. For example “The wind was an important factor in today’s race.

Read your daily newspaper in English
Do you keep up with the news? How about only reading English newspapers until you take the TOEFL exam? By reading the news in English you will steadily improve your reading comprehension. Sites like CNN or Guardian serves as perfect free reading material.

Stop translating to your own language
When learning new words or when you find a sentence you don’t quite understand, make sure that you first try to figure it out in English. By translating words or sentences to your own language first you slow down your ability to comprehend information in English. It is very rare that students have extra time during the TOEFL test. If you don’t know a word, look at the context of the sentence and the words around it.

By following some of these tips you will improve your overall English skills and raise your TOEFL score in no time!